The Ab Intervals Workout

The first 3 days of the T25 workout schedule for me was conquering physical obstacles. Being angry, being out of shape, and having little energy. Yup major core exercises, but no traditional crunches here. The Focus T25 Ab Intervals workout is a mixture of board moves, V-Ups, and oblique exercises. The moves are slow and managed. Shaun T tells you to concentrate on slow movements.

We also worked on the lower back and did some superb man drills. These drills are when you’re securing your lower back like you’re flying like Superman, you lay in your abdomen and lift your hands and legs.

In this work out we also do some quick running in place exercises to add some light cardio. We also did some squats to mix things up. I say the hardest part relating to this workout is the mental toughness. Your body needs to shut-down, but you need to keep telling yourself to push through.

What helped me was periodically peeking at the countdown timer on display. I kept telling myself just 15 minutes left… okay, just ten more minutes…. 5 minutes to go.

25 minutes does go by fairly fast, and I feel a great sense of achievement when I finish.

Once more, no equipment is required except for comfy shoes and a small workout space. As for my daily nutrients, I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast (cholesterol free) and drank water. I had a grilled chicken sandwich on multigrain bread. It was tough because today I needed to eat a burger with fries.

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