T25 Lower Body Focus Review

This post is my T25 Review for Friday, day 5, Lower Focus: I knew today’s workout program was going to be tricky to manage. Friday’s are scheduled for double workouts. I did manage to do a Lower Focus in the day and planned to do the second workout in the evening. On the T25 schedule, it doesn’t mention that if you can’t do the workout that is double on Friday, you can do one on Sunday or Saturday to make up for it.

Lower Focus is all about legs. We do loads of squats and calf raise exercises in this workout. My legs were burning in this routine. I understand one thing for sure is that I’ll have toned legs after completing the program that is T25. Hopefully, I ’ll manage to leap just a little higher too! I feel quite great that I’m nearly done with week 1 of the T25 program. Can’t fall off the routine this time.

This workout will get your heart pumping because your legs are large muscles and they’re going to be getting an intense workout. Again, no equipment needed, and 25 minutes as promised. I did figure out how to eat healthy with the protein shake for lunch and banana in the early hours, an oatmeal and some sushi rolls for dinner.

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