Focus T25 Total Body Circuit

The Total Body Circuit workout is what the name says is. Shaun T focuses on working core, your legs, and upper body in this routine. He added push-ups, boards, into this workout routine. My upper body hadn’t been challenged up to this point, so it was unquestionably a body shock when he requested me to do several pushups in each set. My shoulders and torso were burning just like when I was doing Ab Intervals.

In this workout, he continues to have you doing squats and lunges. And you will have strong legs after finishing this routine. Total Body Circuit felt like a mixture of Cardio and Speed 1.0. He also incorporated the punch routines into the workout of today too, which contained jabs and hooks.

A recent move that Shaun T introduced was the “Burpie” an exercise where you move from a standing position into a push-up plank position. This step took me some time to master. And be careful not to put some strain on your wrist while doing it.

I suggest making the motions slow initially but keeping appropriate type. I had injured myself in the past doing the Insanity workout at full-speed when my body wasn’t used to it. By easing into this exercise routine, I learned my lesson. Keep improving little by little each day, and my aim would be to stick to the Focus T25 schedule on a daily basis.

Still, no gear is necessary for this workout and no actual stretching warm ups. I also took the time to do the 3-minute cooldown routine at the end of the Total Body Circuit workout since I know that I will be.

I continued to watch what I ate throughout the day. For dinner, I’m eating chicken breast with vegetable soup. If this is what’s summarized in the T25 Nutrition Guide, I’m not entirely sure, but I’m staying away from fast food and pop.

I’ve limited myself to a half cup of coffee and simply also attempted to reduce my sugar intake. Previously, I tried to follow the programs to the “T” which comprised me taking measurements, tracking my calories and such, but all of that only overwhelmed me, and eventually I quit working out. This time around, I decided to only concentrate on making good eating decisions and finishing the work out daily.

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