Focus T25 Speed 1.0

This is my review for Focus T25 Speed 1.0. So I finished Total Body Circuit. It was exceptionally difficult today to start my workout. I just changed the entire time. My body is definitely not used to the various motions that Shaun T has me doing with these workouts. T25 needs a lot of leaping, rebounding, lunging, lateral movements etc.

Speed 1.0 includes hitting which I enjoyed. We did side lateral leaps that finished with uppercuts and left/right hooks. Although they don’t appear tough, they provide you with a fantastic core workout.

It fits the exercise tempo and has an excellent beat. Shaun T works thighs and your inner calves by having you make cross-feet moves. There were moments in this workout where I felt like I was dancing.

So far these workouts have plenty of cardio motions. I am hoping that he will incorporate some strength training because I’m expecting to develop some muscle definition on the way and upper body exercises. I’d debated between T25 first or doing P90X3 first. Although I believe P90X3 will give me the weight training that I’m looking for, because my aim is to run a 5k race in the second month, I decided to begin with T25. So I figured that the T25 calendar will help build up my leg strength and cardio endurance to deal with the 5k.

This workout also did not require any gear items. I did buy some foam pillow work out mats to cover my floor since I have hardwood flooring. The cushion mats also help decrease the strain of the regular leaps on my legs.

I’ve been working out with running shoes but is beginning to consider that I need to workout in cross-trainers. The side to side lateral movements needs support and firmness that my running shoes can’t supply.

The hardest part following the workout will be to resist the urge to eat food that is unhealthy.  I had a very healthy meal. This morning I ate a hard-boiled egg with two cups of oats and avocados. For lunch, I had some walnuts and a grilled chicken breast.

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