The Focus T25 Cardio Workout

As the T25 Workout shows, This would be only a 25-minute workout program daily as the T25 program outlined. But, don’t let that mislead you as Shaun T kicks your butt in 25 minutes. You’ve got the same quantity of workout in less time.

The routine began with a light warm-up but did not contain any stretching time. (I learned that I need to warm-up and stretch before I start the program). Shaun T’s warm-up consists of some jumping jacks that are light, doing high-knees, and jogging in place.

It was quite easy to start as I didn’t need any equipment. Merely some comfy shoes, a towel to wipe off any perspiration and also a water bottle. I clicked “Play” and tried to keep up.

I realized very quickly that these exercises were going to be high impact activities. I don’t have the finest knees, so I determined to follow “Tanya’s” modified movements.

One thing I enjoy about the T25 workout plan is the ability to perform altered moves. I always try to follow the T25 schedule. The schedule requires double workouts at the end of the week. But, for now, I just need to focus on getting through Day 2 of T25.

Astonishingly, though I made the adjustment took it easy in comparison to Shaun T and his workout team and moves, my body could sense the difference. My legs, thighs, and center started to tighten up and become sore.

Shaun T also does not give you any breaks during the workout plans that are T25. Hence if you get tired or need to rest afterward, you just have to click the pause button. In other workout programs, they let you have 30-second breaks in between sets. However, I know that Beachbody needed to compact the workouts as much as actually possible to provide you with the ideal workout in the least time.

The T25 Cardio program consisted of a lot of lunge time moves, mini-jumping, and jogging in place exercises. I enjoyed the reality the routine didn’t need lots of floor space as my exercise room isn’t quite big.

I still need to read the T25 Nutrition Guide to see the types of meals I should eat. I presume that’s the most difficult part of getting in shape in needing to resist the lure to eat food that is bad. I am a sucker for sweets like donuts and candy.

It feels good to finally get through the mental hurdle of just starting my first day of T25. Looking forward to seeing what the second day has in store for me.

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